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August 2018

Digital Union

Tech4Good August Meet Up

Tech4Good is a monthly meetup where the activist and developer communities in Newcastle get smashed together and enjoy the beautiful and interesting discussions that are far too rarely had.


North East Innovation Fund Launch

We are hosting an informal exploratory event at the newly opened PROTO: The Emerging Technology Centre. You will hear from previous businesses who have received business support as well as investment clients of Northstar Ventures.

September 2018

Digital Union

Innovation Breakfast Networking – September

The monthly Innovation Breakfast Networking (formerly NETPark Net breakfast) sessions are informal, informative opportunities designed to help Science, Engineering and Technology companies network with each other.


Business Development Workshop

Business development is something that we all need to do to grow our business. The good news is that there is a simple model to follow that will allow you to do this.

Tipping Point

Music Masters: Start Your Own Record Label

In the first session of our latest round of music masters evening events, we’re pleased to bring you Start Your Own Label, a comprehensive guide to the workings of the record label and how you can do it yourself. Start releasing music under your own brand in no time after our essential tips event.

October 2018


Ladders Film/TV Course: Knowledge & Awareness

Designed for those with little experience of film/TV or animation, this 3-session course will provide knowledge and awareness training in professional digital media industries under the guidance of an industry mentor, guest speakers and masterclasses.


Sales Essentials: Closing Techniques

Closing is something that we all need to do, however, for some reason, we may find it a little complicated, awkward or we simply lack confidence so don’t ask.

Tipping Point

Music Masters: Cash In On The Likes

In the second session of our latest round of music masters evening events, we’re pleased to bring you Cash In On The Likes, giving you, the artist, an all-you-need-to-know guide to branding and crucial techniques needed to turn those likes and retweets into sales and fans on seats.

November 2018

Tipping Point

Music Masters: The World Of Music Press

In the third instalment of our music masters evening events, we’re pleased to bring you The World Of Music Press, a comprehensive discussion on all things radio, magazines and blogs and how best to get the attention your music deserves.

December 2018

Tipping Point

Music Masters: DIY Touring

In our fourth session of our latest round of music masters event events, we’re pleased to bring you DIY TOURING, talking all things touring and getting those first few out-of-town shows. Whether it’s gig-swaps or festival slots, our experienced panellists will tell you just how to get yourself going.


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